Polyurethane crack injection


Polyurethane crack injection

The technique of crack injection with polyurethane is a commonly used method for repairing and waterproofing cracks in concrete structures. Polyurethane is a flexible and resilient material that can expand and contract with the movements of the crack, ensuring a durable repair.

The polyurethane crack injection process begins with a thorough assessment of the existing cracks. A qualified professional examines the size, depth, and nature of the cracks to determine the appropriate type of polyurethane and injection method.

Once the cracks are prepared, an injection adhesive is applied along the crack to ensure optimal adhesion of the polyurethane. Then, a polyurethane injection system is used to inject the material into the crack. The polyurethane infiltrates the crack and fills voids, creating a waterproof barrier against water and moisture.

Polyurethane injection

Cracks repaired and sealed with precision.

One of the advantageous characteristics of polyurethane is its ability to expand during injection. This expansion makes it possible to effectively fill even the finest cracks and ensure optimal sealing.

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Effective and long-lasting solution

Once the polyurethane has cured, the surface can be smoothed and prepared for an aesthetic finish. The repaired area regains its original structural strength and is ready to bear normal loads.

Polyurethane crack injection offers numerous advantages, including a quick intervention that minimizes disruptions, excellent sealing capabilities, chemical resistance, and long-term durability.

It’s essential to emphasize that polyurethane crack injection should be carried out by qualified professionals to achieve optimal results. Engaging a company specialized in concrete structural repairs is recommended to ensure a safe and effective execution of the polyurethane crack injection process.

Polyurethane crack injection provides an efficient and long-lasting solution for repairing and waterproofing cracks in concrete structures. This technique extends the lifespan of buildings, prevents water infiltration, and maintains a safe and healthy environment.

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