Stripping Services – Flooring Removal


Stripping Services – Flooring Removal

As a specialized contractor, we offer floor coating stripping and removal services using specialized equipment. Our experienced and skilled team is equipped with high-performance tools to ensure superior quality results.

The Blastrac BMS-220LP is specifically designed to efficiently remove a wide range of floor coverings, such as tiles, carpets, adhesives, thin membranes, resins, and much more. Its powerful motor and durable scraping blade enable the quick and effective completion of coating stripping and removal tasks.

Floor coverings

Thanks to our specialized stripping expertise.

We are committed to providing quality service, meeting agreed deadlines and providing you with exceptional results.

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Specialized team

We understand the importance of proper floor preparation to ensure the success of your renovation or new flooring installation projects. That’s why we use the Blastrac BMS-220LP to remove existing coatings precisely without damaging the underlying surface.

Contact us today to discuss your floor coating removal needs and discover how our specialized team can assist you in achieving successful project outcomes.

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